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Rentals, Loaners, Exchanges

Rentals, Loaners & Exchange units are available upon request.

If your unit experiences a failure, and is still under our two year new product factory warranty, you are eligible to receive a no-charge loaner unit while yours is in for repair. You also have the option of ordering a no-charge warranty exchange unit.

Customers who have a unit that experiences failure and is no longer covered under our two year new product factory warranty can obtain a rental unit while their unit is sent in for repair. They can also opt to order a non-warranty exchange unit.

Contact our customer support representatives for pricing on rental and exchange units. Please have the full part number, serial number and software control number available at time on inquire.

Additional Information

How do I find my SCN?

For most UNS systems, the SCN is shown on the Initialization page that automatically appears at the end of the self-test when the unit is powered on. You can find your SCN in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

SCN Number Location

How do I ship my unit back to Universal?

For Domestic shipments, please fill out our RMA form online and ship product via your preferred carrier.
For International shipments, please see our UA_International Shipping Best Practices on how to complete the paperwork process to ensure a smooth customs entry into the US.