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UniLink Databases

UniLink Database
  • Overview

The UniLink UL-800/801 Communications Management Unit’s (CMU) customer database driven user-interface and message set can be customized to match your operational requirements. Helpful in streamlining operations, customizing your UniLink Customer Database can also keep you updated and remaining current with changing industry requirements and mandates.

The UniLink Customer Databases can be engineered to:

  • Tailor the UniLink Control Display Unit (CDU) page layouts so you may choose what the pages look like (i.e. moving functions around to eliminate keypresses).
  • Hide and unhide (enable/disable) functionalities (i.e. removing the ability to enter the COMM CONTROL MENU from the COMM STATUS page).
  • Modify the content of downlinked and uplinked message formats (i.e. coordinates, altitude, aircraft identifiers, etc. for military and special mission operations).

There are many other capabilities in customizing the use of your UniLink UL-800/801 CMU through the Customer Database. Please contact our Sales department to learn more.