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Flight Management System Trainer | Desktop Software Program

  • Overview
  • Licensing
  • Touch CDU App

The Flight Management System (FMS) Trainer Desktop Software Program provides interactive training for the SBAS-Flight Management Systems (FMS). The Windows® PC-based software loads right on your personal computer, with no other hardware required. It features a fully interactive FPCDU, and depicts Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Navigation Display (ND). The FMS Trainer may be used with an FMS Control Display Unit (CDU) or Touch CDU iPad App.

FMS Trainer – SBAS or GPS Edition
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Airdrop Module also Available

6-month, 1-year and Lifetime licenses available.

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Touch CDU App for FMST Desktop Software

Touch CDUTouch CDU iPad app provides a virtual CDU experience for students, with all the interactive functionality the physical FPCDU provides including data entry, Line Select Key selection, and Function Key selection - without the expense of purchasing the physical unit.

Download the Touch CDU App

It's a perfect complement to any in-house training or familiarization program for Universal Avionics FMS.

Available for the iPad only.


  • Acts as a virtual CDU and allows you to interact with the FMST v3.0 and later via iPad
  • 4" FPCDU, 5" FPCDU or MCDU display options
  • Supports FMST v1.0 and later
  • Wi-Fi connection to PC


  • Cost-effective replacement for physical FPCDUs
  • Wireless connection to computer-based computer training

Set up

  • FMST Desktop Software installed on the computer terminal. Please contact UASC to obtain a copy.
  • Valid license key for FMST Desktop Software with ‘Touch CDU iPad App’ module (additional cost).

Current subscribers require an update to their license key in order to enable the Wi-Fi connection between the Touch CDU app and computer.

Pricing for the Touch CDU iPad app module is (additional to FMST standard license fees):

  • 6-month trial: Free
  • 1-year License: $25.00 USD
  • Lifetime License: $100.00 USD

Please contact your sales representative to upgrade your FMST license for Touch CDU.

  • Wireless router or other network structure. The computer and iPad must be connected to the same wireless network to sync. For more information about setting up the iPad, please contact UASC Support.
  • (optional) Commercial off-the-shelf iPad stand recommended

  Download Requirements and Set Up Instructions