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FlexPerf | Trip Performance

  • Overview

Crew Planning for Aircraft Performance in Climb, Cruise and Descent Phases of Flight

The new FlexPerf Trip Performance Module for Universal Avionics’ SBASFlight Management System (FMS) and Multi-Mission Management System (MMMS) provides advanced fuel saving predictions for aircraft performance in Climb, Cruise and Descent phases of flight.

The heart of FlexPerf is a “flexible” intelligent design feature continuously recording actual aircraft fuel burn during every phase of flight. Using this data, FlexPerf applies improvements to the baseline aircraft performance data stored in the FMS/MMMS. Even the most diminutive aircraft changes that could affect performance, like new paint and engine health, are sensed and combined into the FlexPerf algorithm. The resulting calculations provide aircraft performance predictions to build a performance profile computed with 95% accuracy. To assist with crew planning, the aircraft trajectory is provided with ETA and fuel remaining for the entire flight.

FlexPerf provides a standard alerting feature, including caution display when:

  • An altitude performance constraint is not achievable

  • Fuel remaining is predicted to be less than the reserve fuel

  • The flight path leg is too short for cruise segment

  • Very Low Altitude (VLA) Package Delivery

FlexPerf helps you achieve the most efficient fuel economy by advising the best climb, descent and speed commands for each flight phase. It is available in FMS Software Control Number (SCN) 1001 and MMMS SCN 1101.

Performance database tailored to your specific aircraft configuration with accurate fuel burn prediction for the flight before take-off.

Database Contains Three Groups of Option-Selectable Software:

  • General Data Specific to a Particular Airframe/Engine (i.e. airframe/engine identifier, engine type)

  • Cruise/Descent Performance Data

  • Climb Performance Data