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Recent Service Bulletins and Letters | March 2019

Mar 25, 2019
Stacy Honda, Marketing Manager

Visit UniNet today to download any of our Service Bulletins (SB) or Service Letters (SL), including the recently released ones listed below, from the Tech Pubs tab.


Release Date




Possible Loss of Approach Capability affecting legacy GPS due to GPS Week Number Rollover April 7, 2019



Installation of SCN 10.7 Display Software



Installation of Mod 18 in the 5-Inch FPCDU



Installation of Mod 15 in the UNS-1Ew Flight Management System

SB3723 03/14/2019 Installation of Mod 16 in the UNS-1Espw Flight Management System
SB3713 03/14/2019 World Magnetic Model (WMM) Reverting to Base Year of 2005 on 31 December 2021 for UNS-1( ) FMS SCN 803.X/903.X and SCN 1000.X/1100.X
SB3724 03/04/2019 Installation of SCN 10.4 in the GPS-1000 Sensor
SB3702 02/27/2019 Introduction of UniLink™ SCN 31.3

SB3719: Possible Loss of Approach Capability Affecting Legacy GPS Due to GPS Week Number Rollover April 7, 2019

SB3719 applies to the users of Universal Avionics GPS external sensors, Flight Management System (FMS), Navigation Computer Unit (NCU) with internal GPS sensor, and the GPS Landing System (GLS-1250). Please note, Revision A to this SB clarifies which part numbers are affected by the GPS Week Rollover. Compliance with the information in this SB for certain UA FMSs, NCUs, and GPS external sensors can be operation critical. Please distribute the information in this SB to all flight crewmembers.

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