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How Did My Navigation Database Subscription Expire?

Nov 26, 2018
Frankie Holbrook, Senior Sales Administrator

We often hear the question, “how did my Navigation Database subscription expire when I never received an invoice?” Our answer is usually a reminder that we don’t automatically invoice, but rather request a confirmation that your subscription should be renewed, and only then is the invoice issued.

A few years ago, we redesigned the Navigation Database Renewal process to make it easier to renew your subscription. Now, you’ll receive an email notice from us 60 days prior to your subscription expiration with a quote for the next term based on your previous subscription. You have the option to review and make changes, and when you select confirm, we’ll immediately email you an invoice to approve and pay. If we don’t hear from you within 30 days, we’ll send you the renewal notice again as a reminder. We do send an additional reminder and renewal notice 15 days after that to give you one last opportunity to renew prior to subscription expiration.

Remember, you can pay online via our secure UniNet Online Service Center as well as our traditional wire transfer and check options. Since our renewal process is done electronically, it’s important to ensure contact names and especially email addresses on the account are current and correct.

Our goal with this process is to give you your renewal notice earlier and to deliver all of the information you need right to your inbox. We understand that continued service for your subscription is important, and we are committed to making it happen.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about renewals, please contact our Sales Administration team at dbsales@uasc.com or +1 800 321 5253 ∙ +1 520 295 2300.

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