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SYNCing in the Real World

Oct 26, 2018
Stacy Honda, Marketing Manager

FMS Synchronous Mode Feature

With the release of Flight Management System (FMS) Software Version SCN 803.0/903.0 for the UNS-1E/ 1Esp/ 1F/ 1L in 2006, a feature called Synchronous (SYNC) Mode was introduced. The feature is available in software versions released since, including the SCN 1000/1100 series for the UNS- 1Ew/ 1Espw/ 1Fw/ 1Lw FMSs. SYNC delivers a convenient way to manage FMS Nav functions during flight.

We often hear from pilots that SYNC functionality is a tremendous situational awareness enhancer and can decrease workload considerably. Available in dual FMS installations, SYNC mode automatically and bi-directionally transfers flight information between the FMSs. It works much like crossfill mode, except more flight data transfers and it is automatic, not requiring manual entry (although manual sync is possible).

Based on familiarity with the system and personal preferences, FMS operators use SYNC mode in various ways; some pilots will stay in SYNC all the time, while others prefer to remain in Independent, only syncing when needed. Based on feedback from our operators, SYNC use is common when:

  • The type of approach at an arrival airport is unknown. The two FMSs in Independent mode can each have a different approach and when ATC provides the arrival approach, the FMS manually syncs to the arrival approach.
  • An approach to the specific runway of a parallel runway airport is unknown. Each FMS in Independent mode can have a different runway and approach, and synced to the correct runway when given by ATC.
  • A STAR offers two different runways and does not identify the specific runway. Each FMS in Independent mode can offer both options and sync to the ATC cleared runway when known.
  • The installed FMSs are in a large aircraft and a pilot cannot reach the other FMS. The flying pilot can control both FMSs from his/her FMS.

For more information or to talk to one of our FMS Training Instructors about SYNC mode, contact us at 800 595 5906 • + 1 520 573 7627 or customersupport@uasc.com.

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