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TSOA for InSight® Display System

Aug 24, 2017
By: Stacy Honda, Marketing Manager

We are happy to announce that we've received FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization for our new InSight Display System. The modern, integrated flight deck is a flexible solution for both new aircraft platforms and retrofit upgrades. Loaded with industry-leading features such as custom user profiles, high-resolution terrain with ice and water features, and advanced airport maps, runways, and special use airspace, InSight is able to add value to almost any flight deck.

With the open architecture of InSight and the ability to support multiple interfaces, operators can leverage the investment made in other systems into the InSight display system, helping to manage the cost of upgrading. System configuration options are available for 3- or 4- 10.4" (diagonal) EFI-1040 displays, and fewer required Line Replaceable Units (LRU) allow for less avionics weight and wiring in the aircraft, along with reduced installation downtime.

Universal Avionics Receives TSOA for InSight® Display System

One of InSight's most desirable features is the embedded next generation synthetic vision with advanced mapping capability, along with embedded charts, radio control, and broadcast weather. Additional features that highlight one of the system's biggest benefits, flexibility, include:

  • Pilot-selectable display screen layouts
  • Multiple stored user profiles and configurations
  • Embedded configuration options for multiple autopilot types, weather radar systems, comm/nav systems, and air data systems
  • High-speed Ethernet bus that requires less wiring and fewer terminations for display-to-display communication and display control
  • Support for either a single SPD/HDG/ALT SEL controller or multiple separate HDG/CRS and SPD/ALT SEL controllers
  • An EFIS Control Display Unit (ECDU) that consolidates multiple controllers, including the flight displays, FMS, radios, weather, traffic, and terrain, into one centralized 'Point & Click' control device

When integrated with Universal Avionics SBAS-FMS and UniLink® UL-800/801 Communications Management Unit, InSight also provides a path to meet future mandates and requirements like PBN, CPDLC, FANS 1/A+, Data Comm, ATN B1, and more.

To learn more about InSight, visit uasc.com/InSight or contact your Universal Avionics Sales Representative.

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