Vision 1+

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Vision-1®+ Synthetic Vision System (SVS) enhances pilot situational awareness by providing an advanced dynamic terrain image integrated with the flight plan and projected flight path of the aircraft. Vision-1+ allows the pilot to “see” the terrain ahead in 3D while monitoring the flight instruments. Vision-1 may be displayed on Universal's EFI-890R, EFI-550, MFD-640.
    • Terrain Rendered to the Horizon
    • Approved in Over 20 Aircraft Types
    • Unique Exocentric View in Addition to Egocentric View
Vision-1+ is a practical extension of the computer processing, terrain database and display technology available today. We can now provide what the pilot normally would see outside the airplane in 3D perspective on a display. The topographical coloring is similar to that used on aviation sectional charts. Hills and mountains appear in shades of green and brown while oceans and other large bodies of water are in blue. Special shading on the digitized terrain and a grid overlay that conforms to the landscape on the synthetic world below help the pilot get a sense of movement in flight, particularly when flying near the ground.

New, enhanced SVS of Vision-1+
    • Runway Depiction
    • Extended Runway Reference
    • New High-Resolution Terrain Database
    • Upgrade Path for Vision-1

The latest SVS from Universal Avionics, Vision-1+, includes departure and destination runways, extended centerline, and a new high resolution worldwide terrain database. These new capabilities provide the pilot with unprecedented situational awareness and safety in terminal areas. Updated hardware and software of Vision-1+ enable the display of runway depiction for origin and destination airports. Runway symbology includes threshold and identifier information, plus a 7.5 NM extended centerline to assist in orientation in the terminal area.

Vision-1+ features a new high-resolution terrain database for crisp, clear “you-have-to-see-it” images. Terrain and runways are presented in 15 arc-second data resolution worldwide with three times the coverage of 6 arc-second data in the vicinity of airports. Runway depictions are viewed from the Vision-1+ Egocentric View which provides the pilot a forward-looking perspective. Vision-1+ will be available in 2012 for new product installations and upgrades to the existing Vision-1 SVS.

Egocentric View

The SVS Egocentric 3-D View is the most realistic rendering of terrain available. Designed for PFD and EADI applications, Egocentric View provides a forward-looking perspective. This “pilot’s” view maintains standard foreground symbology with traditional flight director cues and replaces the blue/brown background with imagery depicting the terrain view in real time for the direction the aircraft is heading, complete with pitch and roll.

Overlay of the flight plan from the FMS, along with deviation indicators, trend vectors and compass symbol with course and heading information contribute to provide a unique, increased level of situational awareness. Vision-1 SVS Egocentric 3-D View received FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval and Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for Part 23 aircraft on November 8, 2005. The STC was issued for Egocentric 3-D View on the EFI-890R Primary Flight Display and Exocentric 3-D View on the EFI-890R Navigation Display.
Vision-1 Vision-1
Egocentric View displayed on an
EFI-890R Navigation Display
Egocentric View displayed on an
EFI-550 Navigation Display

Exocentric View

Vision-1+ Exocentric “wingman’s” view provides a 3-D view of the aircraft with respect to the flight path and surrounding terrain. The perspective is as if from a camera situated behind, above and to the right of the aircraft. Universal Avionics was the first to certify a Synthetic Vision System with the Exocentric 3-D View in June 2002.

Vision-1 on Universal’s EADI-550 display as well as the previously certified Exocentric 3-D View on the MFD-640.
Vision-1 Vision-1
Exocentric View displayed on an
EFI-890R Navigation Display
Exocentric View displayed on an
MFD-640 Navigation Display
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