• FANS 1/A+ Compliant
          • Multiple Media Routing
          • Full ACARS/CMU Functionality
          • Auto Position Reporting
          • Hi-Res Weather Graphics
          • Loadable Customer Database
          • DO-178B Level C
          • CNS/ATM Provisioned
          • Data Recording Output

The UniLink 800/801 supports Universal Avionics’ FMS installations, Multi-Function Control Display Unit (MCDU) and ARINC 702A communication protocol. Support for ARINC 739 interface for use with other capable display units is standard on UniLink. UniLink’s independent menu-format software integrates seamlessly with the FMS and provides easy access for sending and receiving data.

Communications may be routed through the aircraft’s VDR, SatCom or airborne telephone systems. Support for ACARS messaging over VDL Mode 2 is included, along with growth capability to support the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN). For increased flexibility, you can select model UL-801 that includes an internal VDR radio. UniLink brings you the benefits of datalink communications with maximum capabilities and versatility.
UniLink Datalink is your future

Infrastructure for a seamless and interoperable datalink communications system is being implemented worldwide. In this CNS/ATM environment, datalink technology supplements voice communication channels, GPS-based navigation replaces ground-based infrastructure and datalink aids radar reports. The fundamental basis of this communication system lies in the FANS standard. Adoption of FANS is aggressive with mandates beginning as early as 2011.

The UniLink Communication Management Unit, combined with Universal’s WAAS/SBAS-FMS, and Hi-Res LCD Displays,  provides an  opportunity to  take  full  advantage  of the  safety  and  efficiency  benefits  that  advanced  datalink capabilities offer.
Airline Operations

UniLink supports all ACARS message types including triggered events such as OOOI times (Out, Off, On, In). The UniLink 800/801 can also downlink aircraft-acquired data for maintenance and operational analysis including engine data from a Central Maintenance Computer. Meteorological data collection and reporting is supported, as well. The UniLink database-driven user interface and message set is easily customized to match airline operational requirements and is uploaded into UniLink without affecting product software or certification status.
Example Displays

ATC Expect

ATC Log On


ATC Request

Flight Information Services

Out / Off / On / In Times

Access Message Log

Weather Graphics

Weather Graphics - Composite Radar

Weather Graphics - IFR / MVFR

Weather Graphics - Tops and Movements

Weather Graphics - Significant Weather

Weather Graphics - IR Satellite

Weather Graphics - Winds Aloft

Weather Graphics - Icing

Weather Graphics - Turbulence
Text and Hi-Res Graphics

The UniLink CMU affords datalink opportunities for messaging, flight plan up-loading, pre-departure and other clearances, automatic position reporting, ETA updates, digital ATIS and text weather information such as TAF, METAR, SIGMETS, winds aloft and TWIP. Hi-Res weather graphics can also be uploaded to either a FMS Control Display Unit, EFI-890R Nav Display, MFD-890R or MFD-640 Multi-Function Displays. These graphics can include displays of composite radar, tops and movements, IR satellite images, significant weather, winds aloft and IFR/MVFR depictions as well as icing and turbulence potentials.

Hi-Res Weather graphics displayed on an EFI-890R Nav Display.

Hi-Res Weather graphics displayed on an MFD-640 Multi-Function Display Unit.

Hi-Res Weather graphics displayed on a WAAS/SBAS-FMS Control Display Unit.

Specifications and Interfaces
Compatible SatComs

Manufacturer Part Number Graphical Weather Support
International Communications Group ICS-120A Yes
International Communications Group ICS-220A Yes
True North TN1007-100 No
Data Link Service Providers

ARINC Direct
Tel: (410) 266-2266
US Toll-Free: (866) 321-6060
Email: adtech@arinc.com
Web: www.arincdirect.com
Satcom Direct
Tel: (321) 777-3000
US Toll-Free: (888) 448-9003
Email: support@satcomdirect.com
Web: www.satcomdirect.com
Honeywell Global Data Center
Tel: (425) 885-8100
US Toll-Free: (888) 634-3330
Email: gfo@mygdc.com
Web: www.mygdc.com
Tel: (514) 282-6128
US Toll-Free: (866) 588-0497
Email: support@sita.aero
Web: www.sita.aero
Universal Aviation and Weather
Tel: (713) 944-1622 ext. 3300
US Toll-Free: (800) 231-5600 x.3300
Email: customercarecenter@univ-wea.com
Web: www.universalweather.com
Tel: +45 4615 4546
Email: support@satcom1.com
Web: www.satcom1.com

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