Control Panel for MFD-640

Radar Control Panel
The MFD-640 offers a convenient, versatile and powerful solution for retrofit and forward fit applications alike. You gain the ability to access a wealth of information including our TAWS Terrain Awareness and Warning System displays in Map, Profile and 3-D views. You can also display weather radar and uplinked weather graphics; information from the Flight Management System, including the flight plan, surrounding navaids, airports and more; monitor VOR bearing and DME distance; and display TCAS and onboard video sources.
MFD640 MFD640
TAWS Map View Vision-1® Synthetic Vision
MFD640 MFD640
TAWS 3-D View Universal Weather
MFD640 MFD640
Video Display HSI Arc Mode with TCAS

Bezel Dimensions: 5.18 in X 6.68 in
Image Size : 3.86 in X 5.14 in (6.43 in diagonal)
Case Size: 4.98 in (H) X 5.98 in (W) X 8.27 in (D) excluding connector - 5X6 ATI standard
Weight: 8.5 pounds
Faceplate Color : Gray or Black
The MFD-640 supports display of radar, FMS data, TAWS, Synthetic Vision, Weather Graphics, Traffic, Lightning, Video and more.
Radar Interfaces  
Honeywell: PRIMUS 90
PRIMUS 300(SL) and 400
  PRIMUS 700A/701A
  PRIMUS  880/660/440 series
  PRIMUS  870, 650 (WXPD/SCI Interface)
  RDR 1E/F
  RDR 4A/B
  RDR 2000
  RDR 4000
  RDS 86
Collins: WXR-300 series
Telephonics: RDR 1600
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