Not every operator has the cockpit space for a second WAAS/SBAS-FMS that is required for Localizer Performance with Vertical (LPV) guidance. For these customers, we offer the LP/LPV Monitor – a 2-MCU LRU specifically designed to provide LPV approach capabilities for single WAAS/SBAS-FMS installations.

The LP/LPV monitor provides monitoring and positioning information for RNAV (GPS) approaches with LP and LPV minima. The unit incorporates a second SBAS receiver operating with the most advanced software ever developed to monitor the guiding WAAS/SBAS-FMS during critical LP/LPV operations.

Together, the LP/LPV Monitor and WAAS/SBAS-FMS make it possible to obtain operational approval for WAAS LPV approaches in single WAAS/SBAS-FMS installations. Approach procedures with LPV level of service offer minimum decision altitudes as low as 200 feet with ½-mile visibility. Currently, there are over 1,500 LPV approaches available in the U.S., with hundreds more being added every year.

By providing the capability to fly LPV, LNAV/VNAV and LNAV-only MDAs, the LP/LPV Monitor and WAAS/SBAS-FMS system provides maximum operational flexibility. The LP/LPV Monitor will be certified to TSO-C146b, Class Gamma-3 certification criteria.
UNS-1Lw Specification