Gain confidence, security and safety on every flight using the latest advancement in satellite-based navigation from Universal’s
WAAS-EGNOS/SBAS-capable Flight Management Systems. All are fully equipped to take advantage of WAAS and EGNOS satellite systems and meet the requirements for PRNAV to bring you unprecedented navigational accuracy and advanced capabilities.

Navigation Improvements

Wide Area Augmentation System / Satellite-Based Augmentation System Capabilities
With the WAAS/SBAS-capable FMS, you have access to all RNAV (GPS) approach types including the most precise and accurate GPS-based approaches available today. With Minimum Descent Altitudes (MDAs) as low as 200-feet with 1/2 mile visibility, this approach type improves safety and accessibility to airports which have much higher minima or no IFR approach at all.

The WAAS/SBAS-FMS meets stringent internal monitoring requirements to provide guidance to any of the MDA levels available for RNAV (GPS) approach guidance:
  • Localizer Performance with Vertical (LPV)
  • Lateral Navigation/Vertical Navigation (LNAV/VNAV)
  • LNAV-only
Advantages of WAAS/SBAS-FMS:
  • LPV approach capability provides you with ILS-like guidance down to near CAT I ILS minimums (as low as 200-feet with ½-mile visibility).

  • The integral GPS/WAAS receiver is certified to provide navigation accuracy within 0.01 nm with 99.999% availability when in the WAAS coverage area.

  • Enhanced integrity and accuracy monitoring removes the RAIM prediction requirement.

  • Allows you to plan GPS approaches to your flight plan destination as well as an alternate.
  • Allows approaches at smaller municipal airports at night when no local altimeter setting is available.

  • Access to all RNAV (GPS) approaches – there are currently over 1,500 RNAV (GPS) approaches approved for use with WAAS worldwide, and more are being added every day.

  • Universal’s GPS/WAAS receiver is TSO-146b, Class Gamma-3 and the WAAS antenna was the first to receive the TSO-C190 certification for a WAAS antenna.
WAAS/SBAS Payback Calculator

Calculate the payback period of a WAAS/SBAS upgrade for your aircraft and find out how many flight hours, fuel and engine reserves you might save each year with performance improvements from WAAS/SBAS LPV.
How many WAAS/SBAS approaches are there?

There are currently over 3,500 Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (LPV) approach procedures published, with more added monthly.
LPV ROI Calculator LPV Map
Click on image above to calculate the payback period of a WAAS/SBAS upgrade for your aircraft. Click on image above to find one near you.

SBAS White Paper RNP RNAV White Paper
Download the FANS White Paper Download the FANS White Paper
For detailed information about SBAS, download Universal Avionics' White Paper, "Operating in Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) Airspace". Written by the experts at Universal Avionics, it presents the definition and worldwide use of satellite technologies, its benefits, as well as equipment installation and certification requirements. For detailed information about RNP and RNAV operations, download Universal Avionics' White Paper, "Understanding Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and Area Navigation (RNAV) Operations". Written by the experts at Universal Avionics, it clarifies the current RNP and RNAV requirements in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world. It also discusses how Universal Avionics' FMS product line supports approved RNP operations.