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  • Heights Aviation Inc.

    “I wanted to pass on my appreciation for the outstanding job and experience I had with your organization. Universal Avionics you are awesome, from top to bottom. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. I dropped off a UNS-1E FMS for a quick-turn repair on a Thursday and received the unit on Tuesday, making our scheduled afternoon flight. Thank you for a great job and first impression.”

    Brad Gushing
    Director of Maintenance

    Heights Aviation Inc.

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  • W4 Ltd.

    “In August 2013, W4 was awarded a U.S. Department of State contract to reset and modify two C-26A (Fairchild SA-227AC) aircraft. Our proposal was developed with Worldwide Aircraft Services, Inc. of Springfield, MO. The contractual requirement to replace the dual legacy Honeywell EFS-10 EFIS and FMS systems was accomplished by the installation of: three EFI-890R 8.9" flat panel displays, one Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS), and two UNS-1Fw FMSs with 4" FPCDUs.

    As is true with virtually all major modification, we did experience some rather challenging technical issues none of which were related to the Universal equipment. The Universal Technical Staff identified that the FPCDU's were ordered using an incorrect part number. Universal expeditiously replaced both units with the correct part. This installation was the first to be interfaced with a dual Honeywell KFC-400 autopilot system. Universal's support during the troubleshooting of other vendors systems which interfaced with the Universal equipment could not have been better. Universal was present at Worldwide to support the interface with all related systems. To say that Universal's customer support went above and beyond is a significant understatement. Without their support, W4 delivery of the first aircraft would have been months later. In my opinion, Universal's Customer Support is a positive model which is lacking in today's business environment.

    Since delivery of the first aircraft in June 2015, there have been absolutely no issues with the new Universal installation. ”

    John W. Hawthorne, Jr.
    Senior Director Operations

    W4 Ltd.

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  • Associated Air Center

    “The support we have received and continue to receive from Universal Avionics is amazing and words cannot express how grateful we are for it. When it comes to Willie (Wilson), he is local and willing to come out whenever we need him to provide us with hands-on assistance. Also, I know they have many clients to take care of, but Kyle (Price) and Amanda (Grizzard) make us feel like we are their only customers. There have been times when they were not at work, off with their kids, and still responded to our emails and phone calls to provide us the support we needed. The response time is rapid and no matter what we need, they are there for us. Through their amazing support, we were able to work out all the issues of a FANS install before we started ground testing. We were able to start and finish a ground check in one day; that’s something we have never done before, and the Universal Avionics team was huge part of our success. It’s really exciting when an outside vendor provides the level of support that they do, and I look forward to working more projects with them in the future.”

    James Hubbard
    Avionics Technician

    Associated Air Center

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  • Heartland Aviation

    “In an era that is increasingly focused on efficiency, often at the expense of relationship, I recently enjoyed both qualities to a great degree when I called Universal Avionics to obtain extra supporting publications. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mary Waters, who proved to be not only knowledgeable, capable and timely; but most refreshing of all – one of the nicest people I have interacted with in a long time. By the time we got off the phone, I felt as though I not only had support at Universal, but a friend as well. I have a very strong sense that I can rely on Universal not only for a reliable and user friendly product, but for superlative service as well.”

    Joe Lempa
    Pilot, Citation 650 Fleet Operator

    Heartland Aviation

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  • Jazz Aviation

    “I just wanted to let you know that Bob Bruce was superb in getting our new FMS Trainer set up. He ran a fabulous introductory course for our instructors, all of whom are very excited about this product… Although it’s only been half a day, I am already receiving rave reviews from both the candidates and instructors. We are very happy to be the first customer to emulate your Tucson and Wichita facilities, and I am confident that many other operators will want a similar setup.”

    Tom Castaldo
    Flight Training Program Manager – DH8/Q400

    Jazz Aviation

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  • GAT

    “The support Universal Avionics provides is second to none. Recently, we were certifying dual UNS-1Lw SBAS-FMSs on a Challenger CL601. This was a unique program with its own set of challenges. We had completed conformity and were preparing for certification flight test when the FAA chose not to delegate the flight test for this program. We had the FAA on the aircraft as well as the customer’s chief pilot on a Saturday with two flights flown.

    After the second flight, the customer requested onsite support, but it was impossible due to the time of day. This was a problem as the FAA could not extend the support until Monday due to other commitments. Therefore, we called Troy Adams, Universal Avionics Field Service Engineer, and the maintenance team downloaded the last flight for Troy to evaluate. His evaluation revealed the root cause of the issue and he provided suggestions for resolution.

    I credit the program’s success past this road block to Troy. We were able to complete the certification program with the aircraft being returned to the customer. This is one of many instances where Universal went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

    GAT truly values the relationship with Universal Avionics over the years. The support has been consistent and there is comfort in knowing Universal stands behind its products and will not leave you hanging. Having a dealership is just icing on the cake. It has been an enjoyable ride and we look forward to many more years of collaboration with Universal Avionics. ”

    Woody Cottner
    Vice President Business Development


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  • Maxcraft Avionics Ltd.

    “During the Thanksgiving holiday, our customer, a local Air Ambulance Sikorsky S76 operator, contacted us for an AOG CVFDR-145. I called Universal Avionics’ AOG line to inquire on availability and spoke with Robert Nierenhausen, who quickly checked the serial number of the customer’s existing recorder to confirm they had a compatible recorder in stock, ready to ship.

    The order was processed and drop shipped directly to the customer without delay. Tammy Holderread facilitated the shipping and promptly followed up with tracking information. The recorder arrived at the customer’s facility before noon on Saturday. The whole transaction concluded without a hitch. It was very much unexpected to receive such prompt service, let alone during the holidays.

    Both Robert and Tammy’s responses and actions were absolutely wonderful. In my past AOG dealings with OEMs, I have never experienced such smooth and efficient service. Truly amazing! Our customer was very pleased and Universal helped make Maxcraft look good in our customer’s eyes!”

    Alex Khavin
    Technical Sales Associate

    Maxcraft Avionics Ltd.

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