Navigation Database Subscription Service

SCNs 1000/1100 or Later 100x/110x | UNS-1Ew, Espw, Fw and Lw

The database update subscription service is offered to provide current, accurate navigation information for your UNS System. Navigation databases are compiled from official state sources and supplied to Universal Avionics Systems Corporation by Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc. or other qualified suppliers. Navigation databases may also include customer tailored data not originating from a state authority, such as at private airports/runways and private arrival/departure procedures. The end user has the responsibility to verify the suitability of this data for the intended operation.

NOTE: A navigation database subscription is required for each aircraft.

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  • RTCA/DO-200A

Airports: Public use airports with plain-language references for locations having one hard surfaced runway at least 2,000, 4,000 or 5,000 feet long, depending on the coverage selected. Some private airports, and some airports with soft-surfaced and gravel runways are included.

Navaids: Navaids with plain-language references for: VHF navaids (VORs, VOR/DMEs, VORTACs, TACANs, DMEs, ILS/DMEs) and NDB navaids.

Airways: All high and low enroute airway routes published by government agencies.

Intersections/Waypoints: All enroute waypoints (intersections) published by government agencies for on-airway and off-airway navigation. All terminal waypoints (intersections) associated with SID, STAR, or approach procedures. VFR reporting points are also included.

SIDs, STARs and Approaches: SIDs, STARs, approaches, enroute transitions and missed approach procedures for included airports. Includes ILS, LOC, BC, GPS, RNAV (including SBAS), VOR/DME/RNAV, VOR, VOR/DME, NDB, and TACAN approaches. Multiple approaches of the same type to the same runway are included in the database; i.e. if there are two RNAV approaches to runway 23 charted as “RNAV (GPS) Y Rwy 23” and “RNAV (GPS) Z Rwy 23” they are displayed as “RNV Y 23” and “RNV Z 23” on the FMS. The multiple approach indicator may be an alpha or numeric character. The navigation database contains a maximum of 99 SIDs, STARs or approaches at any particular airport. Some private and some special permission required SID, STAR and approach procedures are included.

Coverage for true-course SID, STAR and approach procedures are available to qualified operators, call for details.

Runways: Runways at included airports with a minimum length of 2000, 4000 or 5000 feet, as applicable. Some private runways, and some soft-surfaced and gravel runways are included.

  • Vector only procedures

  • Visual procedures

  • LDA, SDF, and GBAS GLS approaches

  • RNAV (GPS) approaches with LP as the only line of minima

  • NDB approaches outside the USA and Canada at airports not surveyed under WGS-84

  • For fixed-wing databases, approaches with inbound course style identifiers (e.g. RNAV (GNSS) 028)

NOTAMs and Navigation Database Alerts are available from Jeppesen at
Universal Avionics complies with applicable RTCA/DO-200A and FAA requirements as they apply to navigation databases for use by end customers in Universal Avionics’ flight management systems with software control number 601.x/701.x or later. Universal Avionics publishes the compliance status and information concerning any data problems found during processing or after delivery on the company website at

The navigation databases may contain customer tailored data not originating from a State authority, such as private airports and runways or private arrival or departure procedures.

The end user has the responsibility to verify the suitability of this data for the intended operation.

As defined in RTCA/DO-200A, the end user has the ultimate responsibility to ensure the data requirements are met. These responsibilities are satisfied, in part, by obtaining navigation data from an RTCA/DO-200A–compliant supplier such as UASC. By using UASC navigation data, the end user accepts the data quality requirements defined by UASC in the UASC RTCA/DO- 200A Compliance Plan for the Navigation Databases, a copy of which can be obtained from UASC upon request. Further, per RTCA/DO-200A, the end user should verify the navigation data is current, valid, and appropriate for the intended operation. The end user also should become familiar with applicable notices to airmen (NOTAMs), Jeppesen Navigation Database Alerts, and UASC Navigation Data notices and alerts that may affect operation. Finally, the end user should notify UASC if it discovers an error or inconsistency in the data.

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Terms & Conditions

The database update subscription service, provided to support UNS System(s), is comprised of copyrighted data compilations and programs owned by Jeppesen-Sanderson, Inc. Customer agrees that he shall not copy, distribute or use any portion of any said copyrighted subject matter, except in connection with the ordinary and intended use of the UNS System(s) installed in the aircraft identified above. Customer acknowledges and agrees to comply with the explicit condition of sale which allows the corresponding subscription to be used to update only the aircraft as referenced above.

This subscription is non-refundable.

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