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Sikorsky S-92

Jul 10, 2015, 15:24 PM
J.J. Gerber
Job Title:
Director of Flight Operations
Cougar Helicopters, Inc.
Aircraft (Make & Model):
Sikorsky S-92
"Cougar Helicopters operates in a long-range harsh weather environment in oil and gas offshore exploration. Flight planning for optimum fuel load, payload utilization and route maintenance is essential. Accurate approach guidance to minimums contributes to mission success and when flights are 3 to 5 hours long, monitoring of progress is critical. Universal’s UNS-1Esp currently installed operates exceptionally well and reliably. We look forward to implementing the next generation of Flight Management Systems from Universal and to utilize the competitive advantages they bring."
  • UNS-1Esp
  • Helicopter
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  • Sikorsky S-92

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  1. David Kyit | Sep 15, 2016

    Global Aviation  installed dual Universal Avionics in Astra light jet. This is their first certification approval and there's much more to read about it at this website where all vote for the updates. Aviation is one of the subjects that are popular among students.

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