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Gulfstream G-III, S/N 321

Jul 10, 2015, 14:23 PM
Eric Fox
Job Title:
Director of Aviation
Riata Management LLC
Aircraft (Make & Model):
Gulfstream G-III, S/N 321
"We bought this aircraft thinking that the 4 display EFI-890R cockpit would enhance safety, and it most certainly did. The information that we get from Universal Avionics’ EFI-890Rs enhances our situational awareness, and therefore, reduces fatigue. These displays don’t just make our flight crew’s life easier; with fatigue level down, we are more rested, and therefore, we are ultimately safer."

Situational Awareness
1 – Vision-1 Synthetic Vision System
1 – Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS)
2 – Universal Cockpit Display (UCD) terminals for Jeppesen charts, checklist and E-DOCS

Flight Management
2 – UNS-1E FMSs

Radio Tuning and Communications
2 – Radio Control Units (RCU)

  • RCU
  • UNS-1E
  • TAWS
  • Vision-1
  • EFI-890R
  • Airplane
  • Sales


  • Gulfstream G-III

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  1. Ophelia F. Hanna | Oct 17, 2016
    I do like your great essay ideas, you know how to foresee everything. The idea with 4 display EFI-890R cockpit proved to be cool as long as safety really maters when airlines are responsible for the lives of people.

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