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Dash 8-200

Jul 10, 2015, 15:17 PM
Jónas Jónasson
Job Title:
Fleet Manager Dash 8
Air Iceland
Aircraft (Make & Model):
Fleet of Dash 8-200
"We decided to upgrade the flight deck of our fleet of Dash 8-200 aircraft with the EFI-890R, Dual UNS-1Ew and 2 RCU’s. We are looking into the future with our Dash 8 operation and our pilots love this new system and find it very easy to work with. It enhances the crew’s situational awareness and safety."

Display Suite
5 – EFI-890R 8.9” Flat Panel Displays

Situational Awareness
2 – Vision-1 Synthetic Vision Systems

Flight Management
2 – UNS-1Ew FMSs

Radio Tuning and Communications
2 – Radio Control Units (RCU)

  • RCU
  • UNS-1Ew
  • Vision-1
  • EFI-890R
  • Airplane
  • Sales


  • Dash 8-200

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