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Citation VII 650

Jul 10, 2015, 14:42 PM
Glen Knight
Job Title:
Aviation Operations Manager
The Pictsweet Company
Aircraft (Make & Model):
Citation VII 650
"We're based at an airport with only one ILS approach and operate too many airports with no ILS. We now have provided our crews with the ability to conduct WAAS approaches to LPV minima when equipment outages, weather conditions or prevailing winds would otherwise require diversion. On runways with no instrument approach, the VFR approach capability of the UNS serves to enhance situational awareness and increase safety. Installing Universal’s dual UNS-1Espw FMSs in our legacy Citation VIIs was an easy decision that has already proven its value."
Dual UNS-1Espw
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  • Citation VII 650

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  1. Bill | Sep 15, 2016
    Nice news about crew getting able to conduct WAAS approaches to LPV minima. If you want to compare The Pictsweet Company to others visit term paper writing service for further details.

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