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InSight Integrated Flight Deck for MD 902 Explorer®

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MD Helicopters LogoMD Helicopters, Inc. is the launch OEM customer for the Universal Avionics InSight® Integrated Flight Deck on the MD 902 Explorer® helicopter.

Both companies are dedicated to meeting customers' high expectations for quality, service and support. The MD 902 Explorer is no exception; Universal Avionics and MD Helicopters have joined to bring some of the most advanced technology in the market into the flight deck of the redesigned helicopter. The partnership between Universal Avionics and MD Helicopters represents an ideal model for building the next generation of helicopter flight decks.

Specifically tailored for the low altitude operations of rotorcraft, the new flight deck features:

  • 2 or 3 Diagonal landscape 10.4" EFI-1040 high-resolution LCD Displays

  • Electronic Control Display Unit (ECDU)

  • 'Point & Click' display control using collective-mounted Cursor Slew Switch

  • Reference Set Panel for SPD / HDG / ASEL selections

  • Secure Digital (SD) Card for Nav, Chart and Checklist Databases

  • Remote Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) for analog and non-critical functions

  • Dual Data Acquisition Units for Engine and CAS functions

  • Data Log Unit for Aircraft Condition Monitoring recording

For more information, please contact:

MD Helicopters, Inc.
Sales & Marketing
4555 E. McDowell Road
Mesa, Arizona 85215

Tel: 480-346-6474
Fax: 480-346-6339

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