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Dassault | Falcon 900B

InSight™ Integrated Flight Deck Solution


Falcon 900B Flight Deck Refresh

Universal Avionics’ InSight retrofit flight deck upgrade for the Falcon 900B features a fully integrated display system with substantial capabilities, including increased situational awareness with SVS, interactive digital maps, and embedded charting and high-resolution airport maps. 

With InSight’s Next Generation EFIS upgrade, you’ll simplify your interactions with onboard systems through an intuitive User Interface with touchscreen controls to manage the flight plan, interrogate NAV aids or surrounding aircraft, and more. Plus, lower your aircraft’s weight, increase MTBF, and be able to predict maintenance with state-of-the-art hardware.

UA has an InSight flight deck solution for your Falcon 900B that takes advantage of the existing factory delivered Flight Management Systems (FMS) or UA’s SBAS-FMS, the choice is yours.

System Highlights

  • Embedded 3D SVS with advanced mapping capability and 3D Terrain
  • Interactive digital map
  • Pilot-selectable screen layouts with graphical user interface
  • Embedded charting and map support
  • Advanced radio control with embedded radio tuning (frequency management)
  • Satellite broadcast weather
  • Touch EFIS Control Display Unit (ECDU)
  • Weight savings of over 250 pounds
  • Extremely high MTBF/MTBUR system design
  • Open design architecture with lightning-fast ethernet busses and powerful internal processors
  • Two-year new equipment warranty + optional extended warranty plans available

 Falcon 900B_InSight_Before-After



“The InSight Display System has brought our aircraft well into the 21st Century with its crisp, professional displays and real-world imagery. The system is truly a ‘pilot’s panel,’ it’s very customizable and perfectly balanced between practicality and functionality. Features I enjoy the most include the pilot-selectable screen layouts, well-displayed information, and simplified pilot interface and control of the system. After flying with other glass panels throughout the years, I truly appreciate the InSight system.”

Brian Barber, Chief Pilot
Aerial Companies, Inc.


Preparing You for NextGen and SESAR

The InSight avionics modernization package includes LPV Approach capability, enabling more direct routes provided by the SBAS-FMS leading to fuel savings and decreased flight time.

The optional UniLink™ Communications Management Unit (CMU) imagery such as wind, weather, and ground communication information may also be displayed on the MFD. Falcon 900B operators can take advantage of UA’s Data Communications System (UniLink CMU and CVR-120A) to equip for FANS 1/A+, CPDLC DCL, en-route clearances, ATN B1, and other communications such as OOOI reporting, automatic position reporting, flight planning route uplinks, and future big data connectivity.

The 4-dispay InSight solution is also the first building block in preparing your Falcon 900B flight deck for other Next Gen systems such as UA's SkyLens™ Head-Wearable Display, Interactive SVS (i-SVS), and additional display options for engine indication.


Unique Support Solutions

UA leverages web-based maintenance and diagnostic tools to enable remote diagnostic of your flight deck by your maintenance team when needed.

Remote connection is an unprecedented use of technology that allows UA to instantly sync, troubleshoot, diagnose, and configure systems while they are installed in an aircraft. By utilizing remote access tools, UA can increase aircraft readiness and reduce aircraft downtime. Learn more here


Falcon 900B Upgrade Incentive Program

UA is offering special upgrade incentives to Falcon 900B operators through December 15, 2021. Please contact your UA Sales Representative to learn more.



InSight - Next Gen EFIS for Your Business Jet: Falcon 900B Flight Deck Refresh   Watch Replay
Falcon 900B operators! Join Business Aviation experts from Universal Avionics to discuss the company's InSight integrated flight deck solution available today for your jet.