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FANS Solutions for Your Falcon 50

FANS Solutions for Your Falcon 50

Falcon 50 - 4 Display

Falcon 50 - 5 Display


Meet the FANS mandates. Upgrade your flight deck with Universal Avionics today.

The long-awaited, first Future Air Navigation System (FANS) retrofit certification with Universal Avionics’ UniLink UL-801 Communications Management Unit (CMU), is now a reality.

The installation package includes Universal Avionics’ UniLink UL-801 CMU with internal VHF VDL Mode 2 receiver, interfaced with dual UNS-1Lw Flight Management Systems (FMS) and International Communications Groups’ (ICG) NxtLink ICS-220A Iridium Satcom. This package provides the flight crew with two global voice channels and a dedicated datalink channel to support ACARS, FANS 1/A+ messaging and Controller Pilot Datalink Communications (CPDLC). Universal Avionics’ CVR-120A Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) is also part of the package, required for FANS datalink message recording.

The certification of this integrated retrofit system in a Dassault Falcon 50 entitles international operators to utilize the significant time and cost advantages offered by flying in FANS preferred airspace. This solution provides a certified FANS system prior to the February 5, 2015 expanded airspace datalink mandate.

For more information regarding FANS, including a timeline of upcoming FANS mandates, visit Universal Avionics’ FANS Technology Resource Guide.

Benefits of FANS:

  • Preferred routing in the North Atlantic Airspace
  • Options for altitudes with more favorable winds and less turbulence
  • Less fuel burn
  • Reduced flight time
  • Improved communications
  • Improved safety



Video of CPDLC in Flight

Watch it on YouTube in two parts:

CPDLC Video Part 1

CPDLC Video Part 2


Watch it on Vimeo