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FlightReview | FMS Flight Data Reduction and Playback Software

FlightReview FMS Flight Data Reduction and Playback Software
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Access and Review Previous Flights

FlightReview is a valuable analysis tool providing easy access and review of past flights and approaches. It combines Flight Management System (FMS) action sequences with 3D rendering of the flight plan over Google Earth™ for a virtual view from the pilot’s seat of any previously recorded flight. Simply take the flight data recorded by the FMS Internal Flight Data Recorder (IFDR) and upload it to the FlightReview program on a PC to “fly” the latest flight plan.

A “play-by-play” feature provides Flat Panel Control Display Unit (FPCDU) page displays with associated key presses along with aircraft position, speed and altitude. Event markers, recorded by the FMS during flight, and bookmarks, created in FlightReview, make for easy search of specific events during flight.

FlightReview is useful for demonstrations, training, Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and analysis of flight test results.

Five playback speeds

Three seek forward/backward speeds

“Jump-to” next FMS power-on and FPCDU key press

Review of FPCDU pages and key press actions along with aircraft position, speed and altitude

Event markers and bookmarks that allow an easier search of specific events during flight

Extended flight path overlay provides 3D trajectory of flight plan ahead of present position

Internal data reduction and export tool for advanced data analysis

Minimum PC Requirements

Operating System: Windows® XP, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7

Processor: Intel® Pentium 4 processor, 2.4 GHz or faster or AMD® Athlon XP processor, 2400+ or faster recommended

Memory: 512 MB of RAM recommended, 2 GB of available hard drive space

Network Speed: Broadband Internet connection recommended; Internet connection is required for Google Earth map function

Web Browser: Internet Explorer® 7 or greater, or Firefox recommended

Devices/Drives: CD ROM

Graphics Card: 3D capable with 32 MB of VRAM

Note: the installation CD for FlightReview will guide you through the installation process

Universal Avionics FMS Software Requirements

WAAS/SBAS-FMS Software Control Number (SCN) 1000.3/1100.3 or later

Flight data is recorded via the FMS Internal Flight Data Recorder (IFDR) feature included in SCN 1000.3/1100.3 or later. The data is downloaded via the Solid-State Data Transfer Unit (SSDTU) and the files are then uploaded into the FlightReview program for playback. Flight data may be downloaded from the FMS at any time and as many times as you like with the FMS memory remaining intact.