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ACU | Air Data Converter Unit

  • Overview

Universal Avionics Systems Corporation's Air Data Converter Unit (ACU) has been designed to convert analog Air Data inputs of Altitude, SAT and TAS to an ARINC 429 digital format. The converter's output (dual-ported ARINC 429 low-speed) is compatible with Universal's Flight Management Systems as well as long-range navigation systems of other manufacturers.

Three versions of the ACU exist:

  1. The Honeywell (Sperry) version, designed for interface with a Honeywell ADC.

  2. The Collins version, designed to interface with a Collins ADC.

  3. The airline version, designed to interface with air data types common to air transport aircraft and the L-1011 air data system.

The ACU has been compactly housed in a 1/4 ATR low-profile box and weighs only two pounds.