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Universal Avionics FMS Family with LP/LPV Monitor Gain confidence, security and safety on every flight using the latest advancements in satellite-based navigation from UA's SBAS-capable Flight Management Systems (FMS).

Learn more about UA's SBAS-FMS Family:
UNS-1Ew, UNS-1Fw, UNS-1Lw, MCDU, LP/LPV Monitor, Special Missions, Airdrop, FlexPerfSSDTU


i-FMS Featuring a software-based, flexible open-architecture system, the Interactive Flight Management System (i-FMS) can run on a variety of hardware options – from OEM supplied platforms, to commercial or paramilitary versions. 

Enhanced Flight Vision System


ClearVision is a complete Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) solution providing head-up symbology combined with Enhanced Vision (EVS) and Synthetic Vision (SVS). 

ClearVision for Fixed-Wing >

ClearVision for Helicopters >

InSight Display System

InSight Family

The InSight display system is designed as an integrated flight deck solution, featuring embedded synthetic vision with advanced mapping capability, electronic charts, radio control and broadcast weather.

InSight Display System >

InSight for Helicopters >

InSight + SkyLens >

Integrated Displays

EFI-890RThe EFI-890R and EFI-890H (for helicopters) Advanced Flight Displays offer flexibility for installation as a stand-alone Primary Flight Display (PFD) or Multi-Function Display (MFD), as well as a fully integrated PFD/Navigation Display (ND) cockpit system. The MFD-890R and MFD-890H (helicopter variant) incorporate this hardware in a single stand-alone Multi-Function Display configuration.

Panel real estate is scarce and information is plentiful. The MFD-640 Multi-Function Display offers a convenient, versatile and powerful retrofit solution.

Situational Awareness

TAWS and Vision-1UA's Vision-1 Synthetic Vision System  (SVS) enhances pilot situational awareness, providing an advanced dynamic terrain image integrated with the flight plan and projected flight path of the aircraft.

Communications & Data Link

UniLinkĀ® UL-800/801 CMU Developed in compliance with DO-178B Level C guidelines and FANS 1/A standards, the UniLink UL-800 and UL-801 Communication Management Unit (CMU) accommodates the expansion of data link services into more streamlined applications of airline and air traffic operations such as CPDLC and ADS-B.

Other Communications Products: RCU, ACU, RTU


CVR/FDRUA's Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorders (CVR/FDR) include a Fifth Generation line and Sixth Generation KAPTURE™ line of models. Available models in each line include a CVR, FDR, and combination Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder (CVFDR). The CVR and CVFDR models offer a patented internal Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) option. KAPTURE CVR/FDR models are designed for operators seeking a recording solution that meets all of the latest certifications and requirements, including MOPS ED-112A compliance and EASA's 2021 25 hour CVR mandate. 

Extended Warranty

FlightAssure Extended Warranty

UA’s FlightAssure Extended Warranty Program removes the uncertainty and guesswork from your avionics’ maintenance, downtime, and overall cost. The program was designed to alleviate the uncertainty of repair costs in the event of a failure. It includes full coverage on exchanges and loaners at no charge. Component repairs, No Fault Found (NFF), as well as Removal and Refit coverage (R&R) are also included.


FMS Trainer

UA designs software to specifically meet the needs of customers. The Flight Management System (FMS) Trainer provides interactive training for the SBAS-FMS. UA's Firefly software program is a PC-based ground tool used for testing and downloading data recorded by the Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorders (CVR/FDR).