NextGen and Beyond
Take-Off to Touchdown
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We believe every operator should have the benefit of advanced technologies in their aircraft, for the freedom to fly in airspace around the world efficiently and safely.

Equipping your aircraft for NextGen means more than the ADS-B Mandate; it means equipping for the flight operations you have today and might have in the future. Universal Avionics provides a suite of cockpit avionics to which operators can build their ideal flight deck. From takeoff to landing and rollout, use the building block approach to configure your ideal flight deck today.

  • CPDLC Departure Clearance
  • Enroute Data Comm
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out
  • Oceanic Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A+
  • ATN B1
  • Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV)
  • Performance-Based Navigation (PBN)
  • Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS)

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