Flying with CPDLC

President of Kraus & Naimer Group, Mr. Joachim (Ted) Laurenz Naimer, sits with Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Dan Reida, to discuss his experience flying with CPDLC worldwide. Learn the advantages and benefits of equipping from his real-world accounts.  Contact our Sales Team for information about Universal Avionics solutions that will prepare you and your aircraft with CPDLC.

Chapter 1: Piloting with FANS Across the Atlantic


Chapter 2: Managing Position Reports with CPDLC


Chapter 3: Guaranteed Communications Gives Me Confidence


Chapter 4: Flying Through Areas with Multiple FIRs with UniLink


Chapter 5: Where could I use CPDLC around the World?


Chapter 6: Flying with CPDLC in Europe in the Link 2000+ Environment


Chapter 7: The Environment for Non-Equipped Aircraft