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Boeing 737NG with ClearVision EFVS

Universal Avionics Awarded 33M$ Deal with AerSale to Deliver ClearVision Enhanced Vision Systems for Boeing 737NG

TUCSON, ARIZONA – July 18th, 2022  Universal Avionics (UA) was awarded a contract valued at $33 million to supply ClearVision™ systems – Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EFVS) from AerSale (NASDAQ:ASLE). The solution featuring the SkyLens™ Head Wearable Display (HWD) and EVS-5000 cameras for the Boeing 737NG, is part of the AerAware™ installation, developed by AerSale.

The deal follows increasing interest in the aviation market for enhanced vision systems that provide significant operational benefits and improved situational awareness at night and in low visibility conditions.

ClearVision provides an innovative Combined Vision System (CVS) displayed to both pilot and copilot on the SkyLens HWD, a certified display for commercial aviation. The intuitive avionics suite includes UA’s high-resolution EVS-5000 Enhanced Vision System (EVS) camera, composed of six sensors for a comprehensive and unprecedented multispectral coverage, and a 3D Synthetic Vision System (SVS). ClearVision greatly improves crew resource management in the cockpit of the 737NG and offers pilots the ability to overcome degraded visibility situations day and night allowing them to move in and out of airports faster, saving time and increasing operational efficiency. With SkyLens, pilots continuously operate head-up and can monitor flight information while retaining 3D situational awareness of terrain, and eventually aircraft traffic, through the system’s unlimited 360-degree Field of View.

Pilots Inside-18ClearVision is a trusted and certified solution, flying today on several fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, building on more than 20 years of EVS heritage and more than 3000 EVS cameras already in service.

Dror Yahav, CEO of Universal Avionics said: “The ClearVision EFVS solution brings substantial capabilities to the 737NG and has demonstrated its advantages to operations including the ability to overcome degraded visibility solutions during any time of day. I believe that the ability to allow aircraft to operate in conditions well below published minimums is a game-changer.”

Nicolas Finazzo, Chairman and CEO of AerSale said: “With this contract, we’re ensuring deliverability of the AerAware system to the growing number of airlines who have expressed interest in this solution. We are bringing this innovative solution to commercial operators for improved safety and operational effectiveness and we’re seeing a lot of excitement as we conduct demonstration flight tests.”

About Universal Avionics

Universal Avionics, an Elbit Systems Company, is a leading manufacturer of innovative commercial avionics systems offered as retrofit and forward-fit solutions for the largest diversification of aircraft types in the industry. To learn more about Universal Avionics, visit

About AerSale

AerSale serves airlines operating large jets manufactured by Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas and is dedicated to providing integrated aftermarket services and products designed to help aircraft owners and operators to realize significant savings in the operation, maintenance and monetization of their aircraft, engines, and components. AerSale’s offerings include: Aircraft & Component MRO, Aircraft and Engine Sales and Leasing, Used Serviceable Material sales, and internally developed ‘Engineered Solutions’ to enhance aircraft performance and operating economics (e.g. AerSafe™, AerTrak™, and now AerAware™).