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ICAO Expires NAT DLM Temporary Relief

Mar 29, 2021

UniLink Data Comm Solutions

A recent announcement by ICAO may affect you substantially if you operate in the North Atlantic Tracks (NAT) region. As of 25 February 2021, the temporary relief of the NAT Data Link Mandate (DLM), which many operators have relied on to fly in the NAT without data link equipage, has expired. Aircraft must now be equipped for FANS 1/A+ CPDLC and ADS-C to operate in this airspace.

Operators of non-equipped aircraft that file STS/FFR, HOSP, HUM, MEDEVAC SAR, or STATE in Field 18 of the flight plan will continue to be permitted to enter the NAT DLM airspace, but may not receive an ATC clearance which fully corresponds to the requested flight profile. In addition, any aircraft not equipped for FANS 1/A+ and ADS-C may request to climb or descend through the NAT DLM airspace but will only be considered on a tactical basis by ATC.

To access the most desirable routes and premium airspace, and to save time and fuel, equip your aircraft for FANS 1/A+ and ADS-C today.

UA Data Comm Solutions

UA has over twenty FAA certified FANS 1/A+ and Data Comm STC solutions which includes the SBAS-FMS, UniLink™ UL-800/801 Communications Management Unit (CMU), and CVR/CVFDR.

The UniLink CMU is at the heart of UA’s solution and is a future-proof and highly customizable data link system also supporting European and US Domestic CPDLC. The UniLink CMU:

  • Increases safety with flight plan conformance monitoring (ADS-C)
  • Provides more flexibility over NAT routes with CPDLC (best wind conditions, optimum fly through altitudes)
  • Reduces pilot fatigue
  • Removes the language barriers in day-to-day operations   

Additional U.S. Domestic benefits delivered by the UniLink include data-linked Departure Clearances (DCL) which can significantly cut departure delays and save 15 minutes of fuel burn. Upcoming en-route clearance time and fuel optimization benefits are also readily supported by UA installations. Learn about all of these benefits and many more here.

UA is offering significant discounts through its Authorized Dealer/Integrator Network for operators to equip for FANS 1/A+ CPDLC and Data Comm in 2021. Contact your UA Sales Representative to learn more.

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