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Guidance for International Shipments to UA: A ‘Best Practices’ Guide to Streamline Shipments through U.S. Customs

Mar 30, 2021

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International shipments have become increasingly complex over the past decade. To assist our customers and partners through the product return process, we have developed a 'Best Practices' guide.

UA Customs Broker

Like most manufacturers, UA employs a Customs Broker to manage international product shipments. The primary advantage of designating a Customs Broker is the deep product knowledge developed as part of the working relationship between manufacturer and broker. 

This product knowledge, together with a thorough understanding of the complex and ever-changing international shipping process, substantially improves the shipment process for both the shipper and receiver:  

  • Expertise in fast-changing brokerage issues
  • Improved accuracy of shipping information and paperwork
  • Quicker clearance through U.S. Customs

Preparing Your Shipment

In order to streamline shipments through U.S. Customs and to our facility, please:

  1. Ensure the shipping carrier is notified there is a Customs Broker involved in the shipment. 
  2. Choose the Broker Select option in your carrier's online processing system or airway bill. Tip: when using FedEx, use the long-form airway bill with IPBSO option.
  3. Enter UA’s Customs Broker information:
    Suarez International
    Phone: +1 520 300 4233
  4. Ensure the final shipping destination is UA’s facility:
    Universal Avionics
    3260 E. Universal Way
    Tucson, AZ 85756 USA
  5. Process the shipment.
  6. Email UA the shipment information to Include these 3 pieces of information: (1) Shipment documentation (commercial invoice), (2) Tracking number, (3) Equipment part numbers and serial numbers

UA will review your shipment to ensure all pertinent information is included and make sure the 3311 CBP Form and Manufacturer’s Affidavit Form are completed, as requested by Suarez International.

More Information

For questions or to learn more, please contact UA’s Shipping Department:

Phone: +1 520 295 2300 ∙ 800 595 5906


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