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Take Advantage of Aircraft Downtime: Modernize Your Avionics for the Future

Apr 27, 2020
Robert Randall, UA Director of Strategic Business Development

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During this unfortunate COVID-19 Pandemic, many Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 135 and Part 91 operations have significantly decreased the use of one common asset; the company aircraft. While the corporate office is strategizing how to emerge from the recession brought on by the pandemic, it is vital for this valuable asset to be part of the post COVID-19 planning. 

Perform an Aircraft Avionics Readiness Audit

With your aircraft likely grounded, now is the time to equip for the future and perform an aircraft avionics readiness audit.

 Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) Approach
Improve Safety, and Save Time and Money

An LPV approach is the highest precision GPS aviation instrument approach currently available without specialized aircrew training requirements. LPV approaches are designed to take the aircraft to as low as 200 feet while avoiding step-down approaches that increase fuel burn and engine run times. Equip your aircraft today with a dual Satellite-Based Augmentation System-Flight Management Systems (SBAS-FMS) with LPV capability to save on fuel and costly engine inspections, and improve safety and time savings. Additionally, be sure to streamline the upgrade process by taking advantage of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Field Approval process.

Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS)
Fly Head-Up and Overcome Extreme Weather and Low Visibility

EFVS provides head-up capability combined with enhanced vision (EVS) and synthetic 3D terrain display (SVS) to take the aircraft to 100 feet without specialized aircrew training for Part 91. Gain even more by training to fly to touchdown and rollout. EFVS operators can safely overcome extreme weather conditions and low visibility situations – both day and night, allowing intuitive out-of-the-window flying. Additional capabilities are offered with Head-Wearable  /Helmet-Mounted Display (HWD / HMD) options that offer an extended field of view.

Data Link
Simplify Communications and Access Preferred Routing

“Tower-friendly” Data Communications (Data Comm) support the global simplification of communications with Air Traffic Control (ATC) and beyond. Equip your aircraft with a data link system today to gain access to preferred routing with Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A+, spend less time pushing buttons on the FMS and jump the line with Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications Departure Clearances (CPDLC DCL), and reduce readback errors with Aeronautical Telecommunications Network Baseline 1 (ATN B1). Data Comm offers the “Best Equipped, Best Served” solution for operations in the European airspace where “slot” approvals are critical for accessing preferred slots for departure, enroute, and approaches.

Integrated Display System
Streamline Flight Deck Operations

Integrated flight deck solutions offer the ability to interface with a large number of federated components such as attitude / heading sensors, air data computers, radars, traffic systems, radios, and autopilots. This leads to lower operating and maintenance costs by reducing weight and increasing time between failures. Safety is also enhanced through improved situational awareness and optimized operational effectiveness through an intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI).



Modernize Your Aircraft into a More Valuable, Efficient Asset

The equipment mentioned above are all technologies proven to evolve your aircraft into a more modern, safe, and efficient asset. They offer the benefits of reducing operational expenses, while adding aircraft value at the same time. When you upgrade your aircraft avionics, Aircraft Bluebook adds a percentage of these enhancements to the price of your aircraft.

Take Advantage of Available Stimulus Programs

Universal Avionics realizes we are all in this tough economic time together. For a limited time, we have armed our sales team with very creative and competitive discounts, available today so your aircraft is ready to roll now and into the future. Our Regional Sales Managers are available to assist with any decision-making hurdle to get your aircraft upgraded and ready to operate more safely and efficiently. Please contact your Universal Avionics Regional Sales Manager to learn more about our available Stimulus Programs.

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