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Featured Flight Deck | Boeing 737-200

Aug 12, 2019

Mid-Canada Mod Center Boeing 737-200

UA Equipment Installed:

Increased Dispatch Reliability & Mission Completion

Nolinor Aviation, a charter airline based in Mirabel, Canada, operates passenger charter and cargo services within Canada and to the U.S. With the company’s Boeing 737-200 fleet, each aircraft can accommodate up to 119 passengers in a full passenger configuration or can be configured to accommodate a combination of passengers and cargo, or as a full cargo freighter. Operational flexibility is provided to Nolinor Aviation’s clients as their fleet of Boeing 737-200 aircraft are equipped to operate in and out of remote gravel strips, ice strips, and short and narrow runways.

Ten of Nolinor Aviation’s Boeing 737-200 aircraft are currently undergoing a modernization program to upgrade avionics with new UA EFI-890R Advanced Flight Displays and UNS-1Lw Satellite-Based Augmentation System-Flight Management Systems (SBAS-FMS) to focus on increasing dispatch reliability and mission completion.

An SBAS-capable FMS has become a must for commercial aircraft operating in Canada's north where weather can be challenging and the ability to fly Area Navigation (RNAV) (GNSS) Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) Level of Service (LOS) approach procedures are often necessary to complete flight operations. The UA UNS-1Lw SBAS-FMS's combination of analog and digital inputs/outputs makes it an ideal fit for the B737-200 aircraft. In addition, gravel runways included in the FMS Navigation Database, as well as True North course approaches, and FMS Temperature Compensation (TEMP COMP) were all sought-after features offered with the UA SBAS-FMS.

The EFI-890R Advanced Flight Display upgrade addresses equipment obsolescence and the increasing difficulty in supporting older electromechanical instruments, greatly improving safety and reliability.

This UA avionics upgrade will help Nolinor Aviation meet the needs of mining companies and transporting more than a hundred passengers to extremely remote villages only accessible by air.

Did You Know?

With only 77 Boeing 737-200 aircraft remaining in service today, Nolinor Aviation's fleet is the largest in the world.

"We have been highly satisfied with the recent installation of the EFI-890R and UNS-1Lw SBAS-FMS in our B737-200. With seamless integration in our cockpit, we've benefited from increased accuracy in our flight operations as well as enhanced situational awareness for our pilots. We are now benefiting from this system's reliability, which greatly reduces aircraft downtime."

– Yves Bergeron, Director of Operations for Nolinor Aviation

Mid-Canada Mod Center Boeing737-200
An approach in Mary River, NU (CMR2) in the north section of the Baffin Island.

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