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Did You Know? UA FMS Compares Active Nav Database to Pilot-Defined Data

Aug 12, 2019

During every power-up cycle, the UA Flight Management System (FMS) checks the active Navigation Database against all Pilot-Defined Data, such as routes and waypoints, to ensure there are no discrepancies within the defined data. For instance, if a Pilot Route created 6 months ago contains a navaid that is no longer a valid identifier in the current database due to removal or renaming, three distinct actions are triggered in the FMS: (1) The advisory message, PILOT ROUTE DB UPDATED, will be pushed, (2) The route name with the erroneous data when displayed among a list of all routes will flash, (3) The erroneous data will be replaced with a flashing *GAP* in the route. This can be corrected by deleting the *GAP* and inserting the correct data in the PILOT DATA pages of memory.


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