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Dash 8 UA Flight Deck Upgrades by Field Aviation

May 29, 2019

Field Aviation EFI-890

Universal Avionics Authorized Dealer, Field Aviation, has installed the UA EFI-890R Flight Deck upgrade on approximately 20 Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft for 12 different operators since 2011. The EFI-890R Advanced Flight Displays replace the legacy Dash 8 OEM electromechanical and electronic flight and engine instrumentation systems, removing more than 40 legacy components, mostly from the flight deck instrument panel.

Four of the EFI-890R Advanced Flight Displays present the pilots with navigation and situational awareness, and the fifth (center unit) displays engine information. The system provides full redundancy by allowing information to be switched between the displays.

The flight deck upgrade not only provides operators with consolidated flight guidance, but it addresses obsolescence issues facing the classic Dash 8 aircraft. The Field Aviation STC has been approved by Transport Canada, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and maintains the Dash 8 common pilot type rating.

Swedish Coast Guard

Field Aviation is currently working on the last of three EFI-890R Flight Deck upgrades for the Swedish Coast Guard’s Dash 8 aircraft fleet. The installation includes five UA EFI-890R Advanced Flight Displays and dual UA UNS-1Fw Multi-Mission Management Systems (MMMS) for ADS-B Out capability.

The Dash 8 aircraft are a crucial part of the Swedish Coast Guard’s maritime operations, providing effective surveillance and emergency support from the air, prior to the arrival of surface vessels.

Swedish Coast Guard

Recent Developments

Recently, Field Aviation added a new U.S.-based customer to its Dash 8 Flight Deck modernization program. The latest upgrades will be performed on a Series 200 and a Series 300 aircraft. The timing of these installations aligns with the certification of FlightSafety International’s Dash 8 flight simulator at their Toronto, Canada facility, which was recently upgraded with the EFI-890R flight deck. The training device received Transport Canada certification in January 2019 and is in the process of obtaining its FAA approval.

More Information

Learn more about the EFI-890R Flight Deck upgrade for the Dash 8 here.

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