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LP Level of Service with SBAS-FMSs

Oct 27, 2017
By: Stacy Honda, Marketing Manager

Software Version SCN 1000.0/1100.0 – 1000.7/1100.7 & 1001.0/1101.0 – 1001.X/1101.X

In Navigation Database Cycle 1709 (released in August 2017), Localizer Performance (LP) approaches were added to the navigation data for all SBAS-FMS UNS-1()w subscriptions. The addition of these approaches apply to FMS Software Version SCN 1002.X/1102.X, which supports LP approach and minima.

Operators of SCN 1000.X/1100.X and 1001.X/1101.X should note that this SCN does not support LP Level of Service approaches even though they are included in the database. Therefore, it is possible to load an approach from the database which only has an LP line of minima or level of service.

  • With SCN 1000.X/1100.X the approach may arm but it will not activate
  • With SCN 1001.X/1101.X the approach will not arm or activate
  • In both cases;
    • The approach should not be attempted
    • LP Level of Service will not be annunciated
    • The scaling from the FMS will remain in terminal mode or 1.0 NM
    • Approach coupling to flight guidance should not be possible
    • LP Minima shall not be used

CAUTION: Lateral guidance is still provided and can be flown. However, approach integrity is not active or assured.

For more information, please reference Universal Avionics Service Letter (SL) No. 2877 from the Tech Pubs tab on UniNet or contact Customer Support.

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  1. Greg Cox | Nov 21, 2017
    I cannot find SL 2877 on the Tech Pubs Tab.

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