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€6,000,000 in Grants Available to Support EGNOS Upgrades

May 22, 2017
By: Stacy Honda, Marketing Manager

Did you know there is a fund of €6,000,000 in grants available to you for avionics upgrades as part of the EGNOS Exploitation Delegation Agreement for supporting EGNOS Adoption in Civil Aviation? Additional information can be found below, and our EGNOS experts are on hand in booth Y66 throughout EBACE2017 to answer your funding questions.

Summary from Exploitation Delegation Agreement

Activity: EGNOS Service Provision enablers (MMAP projects, Standardization studies, Safety & certification studies)

Type/Subject of Contracts Envisaged: Operational implementation of EGNOS in aviation is a strategic goal to ensure the success of the programme. The objective of this activity is to foster EGNOS adoption in the European aviation sector, enabling on the one hand, users to equip their aircraft or rotorcraft fleet with GPS/SBAS enabled avionics and, on the other hand, Air Navigation Service Providers and airports to publish APV SBAS procedures (LPV) in Europe. The priority of the activity will be implementation in regional, business (corporate) aviation, general aviation (training, emergency services) and rotorcraft, considered the main aviation market segments for EGNOS and those maximizing public benefits. The result will be a wide scale operational implementation of the EGNOS based approached throughout European airports and airspace users.

Type of Financial Instrument: Grant

Indicative Timetable for Publication / Launch: S2-2017

Funds (EUR): €6,000,000

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  1. Jens Gjerlev | May 24, 2017

    What is the name of the organization giving the grants?

    Thank you,



    Jens Gjerlev

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