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CEO’s Retirement Letter

Apr 09, 2019
Paul DeHerrera, Chief Executive Officer

Paul DeHerrera and Dror Yahav

Left, Paul DeHerrera and right, Dror Yahav

In case you haven’t heard the news, I am retiring today after 25 years with Universal Avionics. My departure is bittersweet as it’s truly been a pleasure working with the most amazing teams and individuals in the industry; customers, suppliers, partners, the media, FAA, trade associations, and of course my coworkers. The avionics industry has been good to me and to Universal Avionics over the years. 

The technology ushered in 25 years ago is only vaguely familiar to what we take for granted today. The products and technologies have changed. Yet, I am very proud to say that many of the individuals I have worked with at Universal Avionics back then, have not changed. They are still here serving our customers together with the new faces who will lead Universal Avionics into the future.

I wish to welcome Universal Avionics’ new CEO, Dror Yahav. As I move to the next chapter, I couldn’t be more appreciative of Universal Avionics, the aviation community, and my coworkers for making this an amazing 40 plus years in my aviation career.  When I look in the rearview mirror, I’ll do so with a big smile on my face. Here’s to many exciting years ahead.

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