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Universal Avionics Ranks First in Tech Reps

Jan 16, 2017
Ric Miller, Manager, Technical & Field Support

Professional Pilot Magazine has once again released the results of their annual Avionics Product Support Survey. We are honored to continue a tradition of being ranked as one of the top Avionics OEMs for support in the industry.

Most notably, we ranked first in two categories; Tech Reps and Support from Manufacturer. Similarly, in AIN's most recent Product Support Survey Part 2: Avionics, we also ranked first in Tech Reps (tied with Garmin). These ratings reflect our commitment to providing leading product and technical support. Over the past year, we've added technical support representatives in Singapore to support Asia and the western Pacific, and to our Switzerland office in Basel to support European customers.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers, dealers/integrators and industry partners. We look forward to another great year of serving you.

Number One in Tech Reps
Number One in Support From Manufacturer

"The Army installed Universal EFI-890R and UNS-1Fw systems in our Gulfstream III. It was a tremendous upgrade that gave the cockpit a capability similar to our G550. Having the terrain displayed along with the ILS while flying into mountainous Kabul, Afghanistan at night really increased our safety margin."
– Terry Myers, Ops Officer, US Army Priority Air Transport (Gulfstream III/G550)

"Universal's UNS-1Fw performs well in our Falcon 20. It has more capability than available in a baseline FMS. The software upgrade also greatly enhances its functionality. The support we receive from Universal has been outstanding in every way."
– Mike Massell, Chief Pilot, CRST Intl (Falcon 20F-5BR)

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